Velvet Laminated Business Cards

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350 GSM, Art Matt Card, 2 Side Multi Color Offset Printing, Velvet Finish Laminated Flash Cut



  1. Velvet Laminated Business Cards: These are business cards that have a velvet-like texture applied to them through a lamination process. This not only gives them a luxurious feel but also adds durability.
  2. 350 GSM: GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. It’s a measure of paper or cardstock thickness. 350 GSM is relatively thick and provides a sturdy, premium feel for your business cards.
  3. Art Matt Card: This likely refers to the type of cardstock used for the business cards. “Art Matt” usually means a coated, matte finish cardstock, which can give your cards a professional appearance.
  4. 2 Side Multi Color Offset Printing: This indicates that both sides of the business card will be printed in full color using an offset printing method. Offset printing is known for its high-quality and accurate color reproduction.
  5. Velvet Finish Laminated: As mentioned earlier, this is the velvet-like texture applied through lamination. It adds a tactile dimension to your business cards and protects the printed surface.
  6. Flash Cut: Flash cutting is a precise cutting technique used in printing and finishing. It ensures clean, sharp edges for your business cards, contributing to a polished look.


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