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350 GSM, Art Matt Card, 2 Side Multi Color Offset Printing, Matt Laminated Flash Cut



Normal Business Card: This refers to a standard-sized business card, usually measuring 3.5 inches (89 mm) in width and 2 inches (51 mm) in height, as mentioned earlier.

350 GSM: The paper stock or cardstock used for the business card is 350 grams per square meter (GSM), indicating a relatively thick and sturdy card.

Art Matt Card: The choice of cardstock is “Art Matt Card,” which typically has a matte or non-glossy finish. This type of cardstock is often preferred for a more elegant and sophisticated look.

2 Side Multi Color Offset Printing: This indicates that both sides of the business card are printed in full color using the offset printing method. Offset printing is a high-quality printing technique commonly used for business cards, ensuring vibrant and precise color reproduction.

Matt Laminated: The business card is laminated with a matte finish. Lamination adds durability, prevents damage, and gives the card a smooth texture.

Flash Cut: Flash cutting is a precise cutting technique that creates clean and sharp edges on the business card. It ensures that the card’s corners and edges are well-defined.

To sum it up, the business card you’ve described is a standard-sized, high-quality card made of 350 GSM Art Matt Cardstock, featuring two-sided multi-color offset printing with a matte finish. The card is also laminated for protection and has precise flash-cut edges. This combination of features should result in a professional and visually appealing business card.


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