Tax invoice Book 1+2 Copy Two Color Printing A6

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NCR Tax invoice Book Book for company or any business organization. Including Business Name Arabic english Vertion, 1 +2 Copy, Printing Color 2 Color, 1st and 2nd Copy Perforated, Individual Serial Number Reciept and Book Number. (Pink, Yellow, Green and blue paper Avilable Copy papers).



Creating a tax invoice book with 1 original and 2 duplicate copies, two-color printing, and A6 size involves specific design and printing considerations. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Invoice Content and Design:
    • Design your tax invoice with all the necessary details, including your business name, contact information, invoice number, customer details, item descriptions, quantities, prices, tax information, and payment details.
    • Ensure that your invoice design fits within the A6 dimensions (105 x 148 mm or 4.13 x 5.83 inches).
  2. Original and Duplicate Copies:
    • You will need carbonless paper (NCR paper) or multipart forms to create both original and duplicate copies automatically as you write on the top sheet.
  3. Two-Color Printing:
    • Specify the two ink colors you want for your invoice printing. You can choose any two contrasting colors that are easily legible. For example, black and red are commonly used for two-color printing.
  4. Printing Service:
    • Find a printing service or company that can handle your printing needs, including creating both the original and two duplicate copies and using the specified two ink colors.
    • Provide them with your invoice design and printing specifications, including the specific colors.
  5. Binding:
    • You can have the invoices bound into a book format to keep them organized. Common binding options include spiral binding, saddle stitching, or perforation for tear-off sheets.
    • Specify your preferred binding method to the printing service.


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