Tax invoice Book 1+1 Copy One Color Printing A5(16.5X23) cm

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NCR Tax invoice Book for company or any business organization. Including Business Name Arabic english Vertion, 1 +1 Copy, Printing Color 1 Color, 1st Copy white Perforated, Induvidual Serial Number Reciept and Book Number (Pink, Yellow, Green and blue paper Avilable Copy papers)



Tax Invoice Book

Quantity: 1 original copy + 1 duplicate copy

Printing: One-color printing (typically in black ink)

Size: A5 (16.5×23 cm)


A tax invoice book is an essential tool for businesses to record sales transactions and provide customers with a record of their purchases. Here’s a breakdown of each element in the description:

  1. Original Copy: The original copy is the top sheet of the invoice book, usually printed on white or light-colored paper. It is given to the customer as proof of their purchase. The original copy contains all necessary transaction details, including the seller’s information, buyer’s details, an itemized list of products or services, prices, applicable taxes, and the total amount due.
  2. Duplicate Copy: There is one duplicate copy included with this invoice book. The duplicate copy is often created using carbon or carbonless paper. It is retained by the seller for record-keeping purposes. This copy ensures that the seller has a record of the transaction for accounting and tax purposes.
  3. One-Color Printing: The invoice is printed using a single color, typically black ink. This keeps the printing cost efficient and is standard for most invoice books.
  4. A5 (16.5×23 cm): A5 is a standard paper size measuring 16.5×23 cm (approximately 6.5×9 inches). It is slightly larger than the typical A5 size (14×21 cm), providing more space for detailed information.

This tax invoice book is designed to help businesses maintain organized records of their sales, streamline accounting processes, and adhere to tax regulations by providing customers with a proper invoice for their purchases. It serves as a crucial document for both the business and its customers, offering evidence of the transaction and payment. The use of one-color printing helps keep costs down, and the larger A5 size allows for more comprehensive information to be included on each invoice.


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