Rounded Corner Spot UV Matt Laminated 400 GSM Business Card

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400 GSM, 4 Color, 2 Sidess, Spot UV ,Rounded Corner Matt Laminated, Before Cutting: 9.5 x 6 cm , After Cutting: 9 x 5.5 cm also the areas you select will be Spot UV



A rounded corner spot UV matte laminated 400 GSM business card is a professional and visually appealing type of business card. Let’s break down the details of each element:

  1. Rounded Corners: This business card has rounded corners instead of sharp, square corners. Rounded corners add a touch of modernity and sophistication to the card’s design. They also help prevent the corners from getting easily damaged or worn.
  2. Spot UV: Spot UV is a printing technique that applies a clear, glossy varnish to specific areas of the card. This varnish adds a shiny and raised effect to the chosen design elements, text, or images. It creates a contrast between the matte finish of the card and the glossy, highlighted areas, making those elements stand out and adding a premium, tactile quality to the card.
  3. Matte Lamination: Matte lamination is a process that applies a non-reflective, smooth finish to the surface of the card. This creates a muted and sophisticated appearance while offering protection against scratches and wear. The matte finish also feels pleasant to the touch.
  4. 400 GSM: GSM stands for “grams per square meter” and is a measurement of paper or cardstock thickness. In this case, 400 GSM indicates that the business card is moderately thick, making it durable and substantial. It’s suitable for conveying a professional image while remaining easy to carry and distribute.

In summary, a rounded corner spot UV matte laminated 400 GSM business card is a professional and stylish choice. It has rounded corners for a modern touch, spot UV for highlighting specific design elements, matte lamination for protection and a muted appearance, and a moderate thickness (400 GSM) for durability and ease of use. This type of business card is ideal for those who want a balance between a polished, visually appealing design and a practical, functional card.



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