Tax invoice Book 1+1 Copy Two Color Printing A6

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NCR Tax invoice Book for company or any business organization. Including Business Name Arabic English Version, 1 +1 Copy, Printing Color 2 Color, 1st Copy white Perforated, Individual Serial Number Receipt and Book Number (Pink, Yellow, Green and blue paper Available Copy papers)



Creating a tax invoice book with 1+1 copy and two-color printing (A6 size) involves, with the addition of specifying two ink colors. Here are the steps:

  1. Invoice Content and Design:
    • Design your tax invoice with all the necessary details, including your business name, contact information, invoice number, customer details, item descriptions, quantities, prices, tax information, and payment details.
    • Ensure that your invoice design fits within the A6 dimensions (105 x 148 mm or 4.13 x 5.83 inches).
  2. Duplicate Copies:
    • For 1+1 copies, you’ll still need carbonless paper (NCR paper) or multipart forms to create duplicate copies automatically as you write on the top sheet.
  3. Two-Color Printing:
    • Specify the two ink colors you want for your invoice printing. Common combinations are black and red or black and blue.
    • Provide the exact color specifications (e.g., Pantone colors) to the printing service.
  4. Printing Service:
    • We can handle your printing needs, including duplicating the copies and using the specified ink colors.
    • Provide your invoice design, ink color choices, and printing specifications.
  5. Binding:
    • Depending on your preference, you can have the invoices bound into a book format. Common binding options include spiral binding, saddle stitching, or perforation for tear-off sheets.
    • Specify your preferred binding method to the printing service.


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