SANNAHED Frame – Black (Size – 50×50 cm)


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This frame is ideal to use with ALFTA adhesive hook. With the hook you can easily hang the frame without nails or screws and decorate your walls with pictures. You can place the motif on the front or back of the extra deep frame. PH-neutral mount; will not discolor the picture. Adapted in size to hang several together. Front protection in plastic makes the frame safer to use. Size 50×50 cm



The SANNAHED Frame in black offers a unique and versatile solution for framing your pictures or artwork. Here are the details:

  1. Color and Size: The SANNAHED Frame is black and has a size of 50×50 cm. This size provides a square frame that can accommodate various types of artwork.
  2. Hanging Option: Similar to other frames, the SANNAHED Frame is designed to work well with the ALFTA adhesive hook, making it easy to hang the frame without the need for nails or screws. This feature allows you to decorate your walls with pictures conveniently.
  3. Double-Sided Frame: One distinctive feature of the SANNAHED Frame is that it’s extra deep, and you can place the motif (picture or artwork) on either the front or back of the frame. This flexibility in design enables you to create unique and visually interesting displays.
  4. PH-Neutral Mount: The frame includes a PH-neutral mount, which enhances the presentation of the picture while ensuring that it won’t cause any discoloration or damage to the image it surrounds. This is important for preserving the quality of your artwork or photos.
  5. Adapted in Size for Grouping: The SANNAHED Frame is adapted in size to facilitate hanging several frames together. This feature allows you to create appealing and cohesive arrangements of frames on your wall.
  6. Front Protection: The frame includes front protection in plastic, adding an extra layer of safety to the frame and helping protect your picture from dust, moisture, and physical contact.

In summary, the SANNAHED Frame in black (size 50×50 cm) is a versatile and creative solution for framing and displaying your pictures or artwork. Its compatibility with the ALFTA adhesive hook simplifies the hanging process. The frame’s extra depth and double-sided design offer unique opportunities for creative displays. The PH-neutral mount and plastic front protection ensure that your pictures are both well-preserved and safe to display. Additionally, the frame’s adaptability in size is beneficial for creating appealing groupings of frames.


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