Gloss Laminated Business Cards

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350 GSM, Art Matt Card, 2 Side Multi Color Offset Printing, Glossy Laminated Flash Cut



Paper Weight (GSM): The business cards are printed on 350 GSM paper, which is a sturdy and premium weight for business cards. This weight provides durability and a high-quality feel.

Card Type: “Art Matt Card” typically refers to a coated cardstock with a matte finish. This finish can give your business cards a sophisticated and professional appearance. The term “art” in this context often implies a high-quality paper suitable for printing graphics and text.

Printing: “2 Side Multi Color Offset Printing” suggests that you want full-color printing on both sides of the business card using the offset printing process. Offset printing is a traditional and high-quality printing method known for its color accuracy and sharpness.

Glossy Laminated: The business cards are gloss laminated, which involves applying a glossy film to the surface of the cards. Gloss lamination enhances the visual appeal of the cards by adding a shiny finish. It can also provide protection against wear and tear.

Flash Cut: Flash cutting is a precision cutting process that allows for intricate and detailed shapes or designs. When applied to your business cards, it can create unique and eye-catching shapes or edges


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