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With environmental threats and degradation such as deforestation in mind, Shiny is delighted to introduce DUO, a revolutionary hand stamp designed to replace conventional wooden stamps. Shiny’s DUO not only provides a multitude of print sizes, but permits more versatility and greater possibility than outdated wooden models. Hand Stamp



The “Duo Stamp” by Shiny is an innovative hand stamp designed with environmental considerations in mind, with the goal of offering a sustainable alternative to conventional wooden stamps. Here are some key features and details based on the information provided:

  1. Environmental-Friendly: The Duo Stamp is designed as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wooden stamps. This implies that it’s made from materials that have a lower environmental impact compared to wood, which can contribute to deforestation and degradation.
  2. Multiple Print Sizes: The Duo Stamp offers a variety of print sizes, making it versatile and suitable for a range of applications. This versatility allows users to customize the stamp’s imprints based on their specific needs.
  3. Greater Versatility: The stamp is touted as providing more versatility and greater possibilities compared to outdated wooden stamp models. This suggests that it may have unique features or capabilities that set it apart from traditional stamps, making it a more flexible tool for various tasks.
  4. Sustainability: By replacing wooden stamps with the Duo Stamp, users can contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing the demand for wood and helping to mitigate deforestation, which is a significant environmental threat.

Overall, the Duo Stamp appears to be a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious solution for stamping needs. Its focus on versatility, sustainability, and a reduced environmental footprint makes it a promising option for those looking to make eco-friendly choices in their stamping practices.


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