Computer Invoice Book 1+1 Copy Copy One Color Printing size A4 (21X29.7 Cm)

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NCR computer Invoice Book for company or any business organization. Including Business Name Arabic English Version, 1 +1 Copy, Printing Color 1 Color, 1st Copy white Perforated, Individual Serial Number Receipt and Book Number (Pink, Yellow, Green and blue paper Available Copy papers)



Type: NCR (No Carbon Required) computer Invoice Book. NCR paper is commonly used for creating multi-copy forms without the need for carbon paper.

Size: A4 size, which measures 21 x 29.7 cm. A4 is a standard paper size widely used for various documents.

Copies: 1+1 Copy, which means that when you write on the top sheet, the information is transferred or duplicated onto the second sheet without using carbon paper. This provides an original copy and one duplicate for record-keeping and distribution.

Printing: One-color printing, indicating that the invoices are printed using a single ink color.

Invoice Information: The invoice book includes the following details:

Business Name: Both in Arabic and English versions to cater to a multilingual audience.
1st Copy: The top copy is typically used as the original.
Perforated: The 1st copy is perforated for easy tearing and separation.
Individual Serial Number: Each invoice includes a unique serial number for tracking and reference.
Book Number: Each book is likely assigned a unique book number for organizational purposes.
Color Options: It appears there are multiple copy paper colors available, such as pink, yellow, green, and blue. These colored copies may serve various purposes, such as categorization or differentiation of invoices.

This custom invoice book is designed to help businesses or organizations generate invoices in a hassle-free manner. The use of NCR paper eliminates the need for carbon paper, while the inclusion of multiple colored copy papers can help with organization and categorization of invoices. The use of both Arabic and English versions makes it versatile for businesses serving diverse clientele. Additionally, the presence of individual serial numbers and book numbers aids in tracking and managing invoices effectively. Having one duplicate copy can facilitate distribution and record-keeping for the company or business organization. The choice of one-color printing helps keep the design simple and cost-effective.


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