B5 Diary Cream Daily PU L-Brown Edge Stitching With Round Corner


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B5 Diary Cream Daily PU L-Brown Edge Stitching With Round Corner

Material Color Printing Color Printing Metode QTY Price QTY Price QTY Price QTY Price
Brown Any Silk Screen /Foil / Emboss /D Emboss 10 23.00 10-25 22.00 25-50 21.50 50-100 20.50
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Introducing our B5 Diary Cream Daily PU with L-Brown Edge Stitching and Round Corners:

Elevate your daily planning and organization with this elegant and practical B5 diary. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the combination of cream-colored PU with L-Brown edge stitching and rounded corners creates a timeless and sophisticated look.

Key Features:

  1. Premium PU Cover: Crafted from high-quality PU material, the cream-colored cover exudes sophistication while providing durability to withstand daily use.
  2. Daily Planning: Each day is allocated a dedicated page, offering ample space for jotting down to-do lists, appointments, notes, and important tasks. Stay organized and in control of your schedule with ease.
  3. L-Brown Edge Stitching: The meticulous L-Brown edge stitching adds a touch of contrast and elegance to your diary, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.
  4. Rounded Corners: The rounded corners not only add a pleasing visual element but also prevent the diary from getting damaged or worn at the edges during daily use.
  5. B5 Size: Offering a spacious writing area while maintaining portability, the B5 size allows you to carry your diary conveniently, ensuring it’s always within reach.
  6. Cream-colored Pages: The cream-colored pages provide a comfortable writing surface, reducing eye strain and allowing for extended writing sessions.
  7. Ribbon Bookmark: Easily locate your current date or important pages with the built-in ribbon bookmark.
  8. Yearly and Monthly Overviews: Gain a comprehensive view of your year and month with dedicated sections for yearly and monthly planning.
  9. Contact Information: Keep essential contact details readily accessible with a designated section for contacts and addresses.
  10. Personalization: Make your diary uniquely yours by adding your name, monogram, or a special message to the cover.

Whether you’re a professional seeking an organized way to manage your day or an individual who values both functionality and style, our B5 Diary Cream Daily PU with L-Brown Edge Stitching and Round Corners is the perfect choice. It seamlessly combines the convenience of daily planning with a touch of timeless elegance.

Order your diary today and experience the joy of staying organized in style with this exquisite piece!

Printing Methods for Customization:

  1. Silk Screen Printing: Silk screen printing is a popular technique for applying designs to various surfaces, including paper, fabric, and plastic. It involves transferring ink through a mesh screen onto the material. This method is known for its durability and vibrant colors, making it ideal for logos, graphics, and text on promotional items, apparel, and packaging.
  2. Embossed Printing: Embossed printing creates a raised, three-dimensional effect on paper or cardstock. It involves pressing the material between two dies, with one die bearing the desired design. This method adds texture and sophistication to business cards, invitations, and branded materials, making your content stand out.
  3. Debossed Printing: Debossing is the opposite of embossing, creating a depressed or indented design on the material’s surface. It offers a subtle and elegant look, often used for adding logos, monograms, or decorative elements to stationery, leather goods, and packaging.
  4. Digital Embossed (D Embossed) Printing: Digital embossing, also known as “D embossed” printing, combines digital printing technology with embossing effects. It allows for intricate, raised designs and textures on various substrates. This method is perfect for creating eye-catching, tactile elements on invitations, business cards, and marketing materials.
  5. Foil Printing: Foil printing involves applying a metallic or colored foil to specific areas of a printed design using heat and pressure. This method adds a luxurious and reflective finish to your printed materials, making them visually striking and attention-grabbing. Foil printing is commonly used for business cards, wedding invitations, and packaging to create a premium look.

Each of these printing methods offers unique customization options, allowing you to enhance the appearance and impact of your printed materials. Depending on your project’s requirements and desired aesthetics, you can choose the method that best suits your needs. Be sure to work with a professional printing service to ensure high-quality results for your customized items.


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