Printer Line Stamp S-2258

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Precision structure promises supreme imprint quality, and smooth operation guarantees quieter movement. Self-Inking Stamp / Self-Inking Dater Self-Inking Number. Size 22×58 mm



  1. Precision Structure: Like the S-3080, the S-2258 boasts a precision structure, which implies a focus on accuracy and attention to detail in its design and construction. This ensures high-quality and consistent imprints.
  2. Supreme Imprint Quality: The emphasis on precision suggests that the S-2258 can produce imprints of the highest quality, with sharp, clear, and well-defined characters or designs.
  3. Smooth Operation: The stamp is designed for smooth and efficient operation. This means that using the stamp should be easy, and it should produce minimal noise during operation.
  4. Quieter Movement: Like the S-3080, the S-2258 is designed for quieter movement during use. This is important in environments where noise levels need to be minimized.
  5. Self-Inking Stamp: This indicates that the S-2258 is a self-inking stamp, which means it can automatically re-ink itself after each use. This simplifies the stamping process and maintains consistent ink coverage without the need for manual inking.
  6. Self-Inking Dater: The inclusion of “Self-Inking Dater” suggests that the S-2258 can include a date as part of its imprint. This is valuable for applications where you need to stamp documents with the current date.
  7. Self-Inking Number: Similar to the self-inking dater, the S-2258 may also include a numbering feature. This allows you to automatically include sequential numbers on your imprints, making it useful for tasks that require numbering, such as invoice processing.

Overall, the S-2258 appears to be a versatile and efficient self-inking stamp with features that make it suitable for various professional applications where precision, quality, and ease of use are essential. It’s well-suited for tasks involving repetitive stamping, document dating, and numbering.


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